Friday, September 14, 2012

Mistake #4.

Mistake #4. We should not have accepted the Syncellus position without the condition set forth earlier by Bishop Kunnacherry“administrative independence” and getting a good understanding about the role of Syncellus for the Knanaya Community. This is where the seeds of irrational exuberance and skeptics for anything with “Knanaya” granted by the Syro Malabar Diocese was born. By accepting this position, we went back on our minimum demand for the first time.

b) Attempted creation of KCDCNA

Soon after the appointment of Fr. Mutholath as the Syncellus of the diocese, Fr. Mutholath initiated what he termed as an “advisory body of the VG” called KCDCNA. This was an unnecessary, badly conceived idea at that time. An advisory body for the VG was unheard of and the members in this proposed body would be hand picked by VG. This was initiated without discussing with KCCNA or any local associations. According to the draft constitution of this body, VG was always the president and another priest would be always be the treasurer and all Knanaya associations including KCCNA would be under this new body. Rumors about positions being offered to KCCNA national council members and others in the proposed KCDCNA created serious doubts about the purity of intention. People vehemently opposed the move and at the end, VG was forced to withdraw the initiative. VG could have used KCCNA as an advisory body even if he needed one because that is the democratically elected body representing all Knanaya Catholics living in North America. A lot of appreciation to former KCCNA president Mr. Cyriac Vettuparapuram, who guided the KCCNA to take a bold decision to not to support KCDCNA. Doubts about the direction and intentions of entities created under the name of ecclesiastical arrangements as vehicles for undermining KCCNA and lay organizations became obvious through objectives and goals of KCDCNA

എന്താണ് മുതോലതച്ചാണ് പറയാനുള്ളത്?


  1. He is going to say " He cheated the whole KNANAYA COMMUNITY INCLUDING HIS PARENTS AND FOREFATHERS.

  2. thats why he donated all his assets to the church. where as you people are writing in the blog not giving any money to church and going to church and Oasil Oasthi adikkunnu

    1. Dam this Idiots does not even know the fact that Oasthi does not cen coast a cent....

  3. Who says people who write in blog not giving money to church? How do you think Morton grove church alone collected more than 650,000.00 dollars last year 2011? Just because we contribute money to church means we give up our rights to express our views and frustration? Or if we give money to church means shut up?

  4. How much of his assets did he donate to Kottayam diocese or any other Knanaya causes?

  5. Understand the motives of the proposed KCDCNA and you shall understand the say VG Mutholam thinks. Even Shakuni will be ashamed.

  6. If church do the right things and do what they preach in the Bible it will be a great success. But now the standards are going so down it may be better they take leave and some others (missions priests) run the mission or we are going to have divisions and loosing the good ones from our church and shut down the mission at the end for lack for support. We are going on the wrong ways and that going to leads us into dad ends.